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My approach to design and construction has always been in the role of the guide, never the hero.  I don’t have a signature style, and I hope I never accidentally develop one.  You tell me where you want to go, I help you get there.  If you love hot pink and sequins, let’s rock!  You bring the unique imagery, the inspiration, the feel… and I’ll bring the construction vocabulary necessary to refine, articulate, and ultimately bring to life what currently exists only in your mind.

In contrast to the free-flowing liberation of the your design journey, there are certain hard constants when it comes to the actual construction.  In order to ensure that your project is enjoyable and stress-free from beginning to end, I have developed a system with a threefold focus:

  1. Once the project is built, there's no going back.  Methodical, meticulous, and comprehensive detailing prior to the commencement of construction ensures that what we actually end up building is the very best fit for you.  No regrets.

  2. Construction is a dirty word.  Once the work is underway, I do everything I can to minimize the inevitable disruptions to you, your family, and your neighbors, and keep the project running as cleanly, efficiently, and predictably as possible.

  3. When you move into your dream home, we want to keep it functioning beautifully for a lifetime.  We develop an ongoing maintenance plan and coordinate its execution to be sure your home retains its magic for generations to come.

P.S. If you’re curious about who I am outside of work, I do play the hero to my wife and 6 young children in Belmont Heights, Long Beach, CA.

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