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  • Tim Stuart

I Hate it!!!

As a Builder, if you’ve heard it once at the final reveal, that’s one too many times! How can we avoid such a catastrophe from happening again?

A rendering is a 3-dimensional view of your project produced long before it’s actually built. Each rendering requires many hours of skilled labor and some expensive software, but if you think the investment to produce these views is expensive, imagine the cost of tearing out a kitchen and rebuilding it!!!

I like to produce these views even if I’m not the designer of record on a project because it helps to avoid costly mistakes, which always tend to fall on the Builder 😞. The shelving and countertops in this project have been specified at 3” thick. That’s an unconventional thickness for both. The quartz we will use is Cambria Blackbrook and the cabinet color is a two-tone glossy taupe with a custom laminate called Night Owl. The countertop and the Night Owl are both dark tones that could potentially clash. The alternating height pendant lights above the island and the slats on the back side of the island are each a daring design element that are unfamiliar to me. Will all these design features work together??? This rendering gets us a critical step closer to answering that question.

This project was designed by Jason Lai and his team @jlinteriorsdesign (under the watchful eye of @victoria.lameo). Since he’s the real deal, it’s unsurprising that this one appears to be a stunner! When it’s done (a year from now), I fully expect to hear every Builder’s favorite song: 🎶“I LOVE IT!!!”🎶

Do you agree? What would you change?

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